What is Success in Life The Village Living Way

access_time 2019-10-31T09:13:16.509Z face Ujjwal Kumar Sen Success Tips

The defintion of success is different from person to person, because it is seeing by itself desire and living way, if you will see a villager, according them success means

  • Living healthy life
  • Enough food to eat
  • Enough time to spend with family

According me that is a good way for them to live, even I was living in village till 2004 then I moved to city, I still love those days, there are many other things people usually see to judge whether a person is successful or not, like-

  1. Money
  2. Car 
  3. House
  4. House decoration
  5. Cloths
  6. Mobile and lot more.

But, according the main success is living meaningful life.

Well, I know there are many of you need motivation and way to get success, so here I am adding a video for getting success in life-



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